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Eat a Whole Food Plant Based Diet & Excercise to be Healthy & Happy

Why Whole Food Plant-Based?


It is important to me to share my passion for the whole food plant-based lifestyle and diet. This really isn't a diet - I don't count calories or measure everything I eat. I do make sure that I eat more food that is nutrient dense. That is, it contains more nutrients than calories. For instance, nuts and seeds are more calorie dense than vegetables, whole grains, beans, lentils and fruits. Doesn't mean I don't eat any of those just not a lot of them.

My goal is to make it easier for you to change from eating mostly the SAD (Standard American Diet) to eating less and/or eventually no animal products.  One way I share this information is by my...

The Power of Food 

Congratulations to the attendees
of the 1/19/15 - 2/13/15

6-week class series
Kickstart Your Health
Food For Life Nutrition & Cooking Class

Check out the pictures on my blog



Introductory Classes for upcoming Cancer
4-week series:

#1.  April 1, 2015. Nutritious Way Kitchen, 4:30 - 6:00 pm
#2.  April 6, 2015. Nutritious Way Kitchen, 4:30 - 6:00 pm

Learn the latest nutrition information, ENJOY a cooking demonstration. TASTE healthy, delicious dishes, for CANCER Survival and Prevention and Overall Health and Weight Management. Includes nutrition handouts and recipes.

Register: call Barbara 435 652 9320 or email: barbara@nutritiousway.info

Limited Seating

Demo & Dinner with

Barbara & Duane

3rd Wednesday of Each Month 6 to 8 pm -

Learn how to make 100% Nutritious, 100% Delicious simple, fast and healthy meals.  Bonus:  all you can eat of the recipes used in this nutrition filled information of "how to" and "why"!!

Demo & Dinner with Barbara & Duane will resume in September.

Ticket $25 per person   (credit cards accepted on or before program)

435 652 9320

See my Blog for past dinners and pictures

Invites you to join them for… 

May 9, Vegan Potluck
6:00 pm
Bring a vegan dish (no animal products or oil) to share with 8-12 people, dinner service, drink (optional).
St. George Community Building, 245 N 200 W, Park in the Senior Center Parking Lot! Visit: www.vsutah.org or call Barbara 435 652 9320

April 28, 2015, FREE Education Program, Tuesday (every 4th Tues)  www.vsutah.org

Getting Healthy, Losing Weight - Isn't a Matter of Will Power

"Get Out of The Pleasure Trap!!"
by Alan Goldhamer, DC

Same location as potlucks.

VSU is a 501c3 non profit. Donations appreciated.

Free healthy Whole Food Plant-Based information, fliers and
new arrivals of cookbooks... 

New Cookbooks for sale -  by Del Sroufe, LeAnne Campbell, 
Anne & Jane Esselstyn, Lindsay S Nixon, & April Ashcroft

For more information: call Barbara 435 652 9320 or
email: info@vsutah.org

Tai Chi Dragon Qigong By Barbara 


Join us as many in cities around the world do Tai Chi this Saturday at the Santa Clara Library from

10:30 to noon.

NO experience necessary.

Special Guest: Master Gary Whitehead


50 minutes of exercise, 3 minute introduction
Filming & Editing: Blue Desert Digital
DVD Copied by: Legacy Media Digital
Produced by: Nutritious Way

  $15 (credit cards accepted)
Call Barbara: 435 652 9320, 435 632 3249 or email

Join Barbara's FREE Tai Chi Dragon Qigong classes on Saturday at the Santa Clara Library (1099 Warriors Dr - was Lava Flow Dr, St George, UT 84770)

Every Saturday10:30 to 11:30 am

Barbara also instructs these classes during the summer on Mondays and Wednesdays at Royal Oaks Park, corner of Snow Canyon Parkway & 1400 W.  STARTING: May 18.  9:30 to 10:30  For more information call Barbara at 435 632 3249 (cell) or 435 652 9320 (office/home)


RECIPES from Barbara's TV food demonstration on Channel 22 are posted on my Blog (click on the Blog button or tab). 

Recipes for the October 22, 21014 TV filming is listed in my blog. 

Thank you to my sponsor: 
Synergy Massage and Personal Fitness

1495 S Black Ridge Dr. A230, St George UT 84770, 435 688 2554 synergymassagefitness.com -
Pain Management Specialists &The Best Massages ever - I have one every month!! They are GREAT!

June's TV demonstration the recipes are in the "June" Archive. 

Enjoy and thank you for visiting my website and blog.


Fact-based information on Whole Food Plant-Based diet and lifestyle:
  • Research shows that people eating this way lost 13 pounds and 2 inches in 14 weeks and weighed even less after 1 year and even less still after 2 years!
  • Learn the 4 dietary principles to permanent, healthy weight loss.
  • Amazing side benefits of the healthiest weight loss plan are preventing or reversing heart disease, reducing cancer risk, dropping blood pressure, improving or reversing diabetes, lowering risk of Alzheimer's disease plus much more and that's the "side affects" !!
  • Our current obesity epidemic is at least partly caused by one addictive food that has increased from 3.8 pounds per person per year to 33 pounds over the past 10 years.
  • Constipation - totally eliminated by 4 changes to your diet.
  • There's more:  Artery blockage and flexibility, erectile dysfunction, GERD, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, gallstones, colon cancer and hiatal hernia are often relieved!!!

THIS and MORE when you take my Food For Life classes...


"I highly recommend Barbara Mathison's PCRM cooking classes as I have attended the series three times. I just kept coming back for MORE...MORE whole food plant-based nutrition information, MORE cooking demonstrations for easy, delicious recipes, MORE educational videos on food based prevention of disease, and MORE tips for local shopping, how to store food, and how to save money on your grocery bills. Barbara is full of knowledge, but if she doesn't know the answer to your questions she will find out and get back to you...you can count on her 'follow through'. You will have the support of PCRM and Barbara to help you in any way meet your health goals. And the classes are FUN. I do this for myself, everyone should do this for themselves too!."  KP 
P.S. "Duane was a fantastic assistant!!!

"Barbara was fantastic. The atmosphere was so great -- information on so many questions, her knowledge, recipes, presentation, kindness, overall information seemed perfect.  10 in a 5-star rating!  Duane's contribution to the classes was so appreciated. He was so kind and such a great support" BA

"This class is filled with tips and suggestions to rejuvenate my interest in cooking. I learned so much about improving my families diet. My handouts are valuable to refresh my memory.  The ambiance for classes was remarkable; instructor's professional kitchen helped students relax and feel free to ask / answer questions.  It was the best! Great information!" JH

"At first I could not imagine giving up cheese, yogurt, and eggs. As I tried more recipes I found myself not missing these foods and not feeling the constant hunger. Fewer trips to the pantry have netted me a weight lose of 13 pounds and taken care of digestion and constipation problems." DB

"Absolutely loved the class. Barbara is a wonderful teacher. She is very enthusiastic about plant-based foods. I learned a lot and feel so much better. Thank you. Duane was wonderful as well." LK



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Ethiopian Stew: Yummy. See recipe on my Blog. Click on "Blog" tab or below on BLOG icon.






     and Overall Health and Weight Management

4 Class Series starting...

April 20, 2015 at 4:30 - 6:30
Introduction to How Foods Fight Cancer

April 27, 2015 at 4:30 - 6:30
Fueling Up on Low-Fat, High-Fiber Foods

May 4, 2015 at 4:30 - 6:30
Discovering Dairy and Meat Alternatives

May 11, 2015 at 4:30 - 6:30
Cancer-Fighting Compounds and Healthy Weight Control


FEE: $80 for the series.
$65 for those who have attended a
previous FFL Class Series by Barbara

on Classes page

Call Barbara: 435 652 9320 or
Email: barbara@nutritiousway.info


       All About SOY!

Yes, it is healthy! and there is so much to learn about SOY and how to work with it, cook with it, dry it, wrap it, store it, freeze it and more. 
This is an exciting class with lots of food to sample and see how to prepare it. Lots of handouts including all recipes!


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ATTENDING A SOY CLASS, call or write: barbara@nutritiousway.info and let her know so you can be on the list for the next SOY class which will be in the fall of 2015.

Barbara 435 652 9320, or barbara@nutritiousway.info
Credit Cards accepted on or before the event.


Interested in more healthy recipes?  

Every Sunday visit www.suindependent.com   "Features" "Healthy Recipe of the Week" .  All whole food plant-based and delicious.  Try them and make a comment.  Thank you!!!